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Earl Bilodeau

Thank you Hunter for your services. We needed a vehicle due to an accident that would fit my needs since I am disabled. We were looking at a small SUV he had on his lot but Hunter quickly realized that it was going to be too small for our needs. He had another SUV that was slightly bigger. It was the perfect fit. It had higher mileage, but also cost us less and since we are on a limited budget, that was awesome. He even found us a creditor that gave us an awesome rate. Again, thank you Hunter for being such a caring and understanding professional.

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Jarrod Irwin

Hunter is a very respectful salesman and runs an honest used dealership. There was a family speaking with him as I came in and instead of trying to force a sale and put this family in a bad spot financially he instructed them on how to build their credit and improve their financial picture and gave advice on what he would do in their situation.

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chris hayes

My name is Chris and I recently purchased an SUV from Rapid Rides. This was the first time I ever purchased a vehicle site unseen from a car dealership out of state, therefore I was pretty nervous about the whole idea. But the owner spent a lot of time with me over the phone coupled with the very low price I was able to get this vehicle at, made this A smart purchase for me.

Then the owner assisted with getting the vehicle transported to me, when it arrived there were no disappointments. Even with the cost of transportation I saved about $2000 over what it would have cost to purchase a comparable vehicle locally. Thank you Rapid Rides !

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